Loneliness, connection and social care

How can we better understand, recognise and support people who feel lonely? Research in Practice resources explore how we build social connections.

Collaborative working across the lifespan: Link Officers’ Annual Meeting 2024

Join us at our 2024 Link Officers’ Annual Meeting on 26 and 27 September.

Celebrate the accomplishments of your Link Officers

Nominations for our annual Link Officer Awards are now open.

Embedding a radical safeguarding approach in adult social care

Explore an open access toolkit offering a new approach to safeguarding adults experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

Register to vote

In order to take part in the upcoming general election on 4 July you need to be on the Electoral Register and have valid ID. It is quick and easy to register but some people may need additional support. View Research in Practice guidance.

Supporting evidence-informed practice with children and families, young people and adults